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Advanced Testing, Advanced Treatment

Genetics-based medicine is the future of healthcare. The information found in our DNA can define the origins of certain cancers, the risk of inheriting conditions and enable you to tailor pharmacological treatment to individual patients. As a medical provider, you have the opportunity to provide the best care for your patients by incorporating the latest advances in genetic testing into your practice.

Why Vantari?

Full Spectrum Testing

Vantari offers genetic testing across the health spectrum, from pharmacogenetics to non-invasive prenatal testing and testing for inherited cancers.


Genetic testing is performed by our CLIA Certified and CAP Accredited Laboratory utilizing the latest robotics technology to minimize human error.



Vantari offers turn-key testing services with results interpretation and genetic counseling to help you and your patients interpret test results.

Go Paperless

Electronic Medical Record integration allows providers to order and view reports within the patient’s EMR. Providers can also utilize our Mobile Application or online Physician Portal.


Pharmacogenetic Testing

The field of pharmacogenetics studies how genetic variations impact the way the body responds to certain medications. Finding the medication that works best for your patients should never be a guessing game. A simple cheek swab can reveal which medications may cause side effects or even life-threatening adverse reactions.

Inherited Conditions Testing

How many times have your patients filled out a medical family history questionnaire and you worried about the missing answers? Testing can reveal genetic mutations that can cause increased risk for breast cancer, sickle cell anemia, muscular dystrophy, cardiomyopathy and bloom syndrome. If your patients are found to be carriers, you can help them take charge of their health through proactive screenings and medical care. We have developed a carrier screening panel that detects mutations in 157 significant genes.

Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing

Advances in technology mean testing during pregnancy can be performed sooner than ever before, without invasive procedures that risk the health of mother and child. Screenings conducted through a quick blood draw from the mother’s arm impose zero risk to pregnancy. Testing for Down’s Syndrome and other potential chromosomal abnormalities can take place at 10 weeks gestational age.

Maternal Health Screen

Find out before delivery whether your patients may be at risk for a blood clotting disorder. Testing can show variations in the MTHFR gene, which affect the way blood clots. Problems with blood clotting are one of the leading causes of pregnancy loss and complications. Simple changes in diet such as increasing folic acid intake can increase MTHFR functionality.

Inherited Cancer Testing

Genetic testing offers patients a formidable new tool in the fight against cancer. If your patients have a family history of cancer, testing can assess their risk for inherited genetic mutations that can cause many common types of cancers, including breast and prostate cancers. If your patients have a personal cancer diagnosis, tumor testing can isolate genetic markers and help inform treatment options.

Tumor Profiling

Vantari testing can reveal mutations in specific genetic markers and help patients and doctors understand the cancer’s cause. This information can be used to develop treatment targeted toward genetic markers rather than localized cancers. Information revealed through testing may also suggest whether a tumor should be treated with chemotherapy or surgical removal.


How Testing Works

1 Establish a no obligation account with Vantari.

2 Order supplies and setup an in-service training.

3 Order tests and collect DNA samples.

4 Receive test results within 2-7 business days (depending on test type.)

Testing and Insurance

Medically necessary genetic testing is commonly covered by Medicare and most major insurers. Further questions? Please contact a customer service specialist at 1.844.VANTARI or 1.844.826.8274

Questions? We have answers.

Utilize our clinical team or genetic counselors for questions. Please contact a customer service specialist at 1.844.VANTARI or 1.844.826.8274